Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Name: Withheld

Age: 13

Class: 7

Caste Background: Meghwal

Father’s Occupation: Labourer

Mother’s Occupation: Housewife

Siblings: 2 brothers 

G’s academic improvement over the course of the last two years is truly inspiring. Initially, she was unable to pass her Class 6 exams and struggled with her work. However, after identifying this problem, the Veerni Project ensured that extra focus and help were given to her, with the result of G progressing to Class 7 where she is now achieving high grades. In her recent sandskrit test, she attained 5/5, thereby demonstrating herself to be a strong pupil. Indeed, one of the things G says she loves about the Veerni Institute is that it provides an environment where all the girls can help each other succeed in their studies.
In addition, G greatly values the friendships that are enabled to grow at the hostel. So close is her bond with her best friend S, that each will start to cry if the other is unwell.  When not playing with S, G will spend her time drawing, take inspiring from everything around her and producing wonderfully creative pieces of artwork. However, ultimately she wishes to pursue a career as a policewoman, providing justice for those in need.

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