Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Name: Withheld

Age: 15

Class: 9

Caste: Schedule Caste Category

Father’s Occupation: Labourer

Mother’s Occupation: Housewife

Siblings: 1 brother and 4 sisters 

In her village, S and her family live in a home that comprises of two rooms with no bathroom facilities. S is a child bribe and faces the prospect of her husband sending for her to join him in his household. However, her parents are very supportive of her studies and place at the Veerni Institute, as they have come to recognise the importance of female education and that S is capable of succeeding in her hope of joining the workforce. This is a great development and S has shown her dedication to her studies through the good grades she has been achieving.
While seemingly a quiet conscientious girl, she holds a passion for dancing, clearly enjoying the form of expression which it allows. Moreover, she loves the time spent with her friends, particularly her best friend B who she feels a special connection with.

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