Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Name: Withheld

Age: 15

Class: 11

Caste background: Tribal Christian

Father’s Occupation: Labourer

Mother’s Occupation: Housewife

Siblings: 1 Brother        

Being a Christian, W comes from the village that is located in a tribal area and is regarded as cut off from mainstream society. There the girls are encouraged to enter the workforce, though this is predominantly in the capacity of household work and sometimes in the form of prostitution, so that an income can be earned for the family. At home, W’s chores involve cleaning and preparing meals for her entire family. However, her ambition is to graduate, attend college and become involved in the RAS, the Rajasthan Administrative Service. This is a very competitive career path and if achieved, W would be considered a high- ranking officer. Given her exceedingly good grades at school and passion for the subject of political science, she stands a good chance of obtaining her goal.

Though she has only been at Veerni a short time, having joined in July 2015, she has showed herself to be a conscientious girl, kind to others and dedicated to her studies. In her spare time, W enjoys reading Indian literature, driven by a strong desire to learn more about her country, which is something she views as being very important. She identifies the power education brings and therefore is grateful to Veerni for the quality of the education it allows her access to.

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