Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Name: Withheld  

Age: 11

Class: 7

Caste Background: Schedule Caste

Father’s occupation: Cook

Mother’s occupation: Maid

Siblings: 1 brother and 1 sister

Having been at Veerni for a year, D has showed herself to be a popular and creative young girl. Rather than having one best friend, she is friends with everyone, making sure to help anyone who is in need of it when it comes to group activities. She enjoys all parts of the day but her fun loving nature means she is particularly fond of the times when she is able to play indoor games with the rest of her peers.
Over the course of the academic year, her studies have improved significantly and she is doing very well, placing above average in all her classes. While her favourite subject is science, D proves herself to be a wonderful artist, displaying great creativity and imagination in the pieces she produces. Her love of colours and all things bright may also be seen in her appreciation of fashion, professing her preferred item of colouring to be pink shorts. However, ultimately she dreams of joining the workforce as a policewoman, rooted in her compassion to help those in need.

Name: Withheld

Age: 14

Class: 9

Caste Background: Rajput

Father’s Occupation: Shop worker

Mother’s Occupation: Housewife

Siblings: 1 brother and 4 sisters 

As a good student, E is in a strong position when it comes to obtaining her dream of attending college and becoming a policewoman.  At home, her activities involve household work, but at school, her interests lie in the sciences and as the handball national champion, she shows herself to be a formidable sportswoman.
While E still feels uncertainty with regard to her own feeling of self-worth, she believes that with further education and progression into college, her confidence will certainly grow, as she receives the affirmation of her capability that will allow her to feel more sure of herself. Already after just two years at the Veerni Institute, having joined in 2013, she has become increasingly vocal when with her peers and an active participant when it comes to group activities.

Name: Withheld

Age: 11

Class: 6

Caste Background: Meghwal

Father’s Occupation: Labourer

Mother’s Occupation: Housewife

Siblings: 2 brothers 

Being new to the Veerni Institute, P has done well to settle in so fast and has made many new friends. Initially proving quite shy, it has been the mealtimes at the Institute that have helped P to feel more at home. Being a very sociable time of day, P loves sitting down to lunch with her fellow classmates and always looks forward to the food, which she finds to be very good.

As someone who is dedicated to her studies, P values the importance of education and acknowledges the self worth that studying at Veerni has given her. This is of particular importance for P because as a child bride, it has been coming to Veerni that has given her an opportunity she otherwise would not have had: to study and thus become an empowered individual. Of all her subjects, it is English that P most enjoys and she can often be found sitting reading a book. When asked what she would like to do in the future, P says she wishes to follow in the footsteps of people like Mahendra at the Veerni Project; a heart-warming sentiment which underlines P’s desire to make a difference in the world.