Monday, 20 July 2015

When we arrived on Monday, it was great to see that the girls had been waiting excitedly for the show, as they greeted us in the most beautiful array of clothes, with many of them also having done their makeup. However, before commencing with the beauty preparation, we sat the girls down to announce the winners of the animal contest. With so many creative drawings it had certainly been difficult to narrow it down. In the end, we presented four girls with bangles for their beautiful drawings and superb stories and made sure that everyone received an Oreo cookie - a little taste from back home, which certainly went down a treat. 

It was now time to get to work for the fashion show and the girls took it in turns to have their hair done by us. We took this opportunity to teach the girls some beauty-related English terms and soon had them asking for 'plaits' or 'pony-tails' as well as choosing either a 'hair-tie' or a 'hair-clip' from the assortment that we had brought. Most of the girls went with the sparkly hair clips and by the end they all looked beautiful and ready to walk down the runway. 

With loud Bollywood dance music playing and a cheering audience behind us, we decided to go first so as to break the ice. We proceeded to walk each pair of girls down the runway, all of us striking poses along the way. By the end, the girls were walking with such confidence that they put our walks and poses to shame!

In the wake of excitement the show had created, we got to work in our separate groups, using pre-made flash-card drawings to teach the girls the English words for all the clothes they had been wearing. In no time, we had both groups of girls repeating every type of clothing and accessory imaginable, as well as describing them using colours. It was wonderful to see the girls so happy and becoming more comfortable with us. All in all, a good note to start on!

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